Python Course

Python is a key language that companies are adopting as a platform of choice for multiple applications. There are plenty of companies that are looking for Python course trained resources. If you are looking for better career opportunities, then getting a good quality Python training in karachi should be one of  your top agenda.

Learn python derives its power and popularity on its strength of its simplicity and being open source. Python is an ideal language to learn for beginners as it is simple and easy to learn. Even for those who do not have any programming background. Python is an open source language, so there are no licenses or royalties that need to be paid for licenses.  Its getting popular by the day and there are large number of contributions from the community for almost any application, which are also open source. This makes it easier to adopt and develop custom applications faster, as you can pick and choose some of these relevant codes and jump start your development.

It is supported on many diverse platforms and hence is widely deployed on diverse applications from Finance, Analytics, machine learning, web development, gaming, Automation, Big Data etc.

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Complex is better than complicated
  • Readability counts

Why python course?

There are innumerable python courses in karachi. All you need is to pick one to receive training and you are more than good to go. By learning python course, you will avail yourself of multiple benefits, some of which are as follows-

  • Testing short code snippets becomes easy with Python’s interactive mode. There is also an integrated development and learning environment (IDLE) for python.
  • New modules can be added to Python for its extension.
  • To get a programmable interface, applications can be embedded with Python.
  • A lot of operating systems including Unix, Mac OS and Linux support this programming language.
  • Python is also heavily used in the data analytics domain. Tasks like getting data from databases, XML files, from the web and from text files can easily be performed using python. And that is probably the reason why Python training in data analytics in Karachi is quite a rage.

Who Should Attend the Python Training

  • Beginners who want to acquire Python scripting skills
  • Advanced Python users, who want to take their skills to the next level
  • System Administrators who want to automate their day to day tasks using Python
  • Network Administrators who want use Python to automate the task of managing large networks
  • Database Admin, database programmers
  • Web Developers
  • Testers who want to move into Python based automation
  • Fresh Graduates looking for  their first job
  • Mobile Testers
  • Automation Engineers

Python Course Outline

  • A Brief History of Python Python Versions
  • Installing Python
  • Environment Variables
  • Executing Python from the Command Line
  • IDLE
  • Editing Python Files
  • Python Documentation
  • Getting Help
  • Dynamic Types
  • Python Reserved Words
  • Naming Conventions
  • Basic Syntax Comments
  • String Values
  • String Methods
  • The format Method
  • String Operators
  • Numeric Data Types
  • Conversion Functions
  • Simple Input and Output The % Method
  • The print Function
  • Indenting Requirements
  • The if Statement
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bit Wise Operators
  • The while Loop
  • break and continue
  • The for Loop
  • Lists
  • Tuples Sets Dictionaries
  • Sorting Dictionaries
  • Copying Collections
  • Defining Your Own Functions
  • Parameters
  • Function Documentation
  • Keyword and Optional
  • Parameters
  • Passing Collections to a Function
  • Variable Number of Arguments Scope
  • Functions – “First Class Citizens”
  • Passing Functions to a Function
  • Mapping Functions in a Dictionary
  • Lambda
  • Inner Functions
  • Closures
  • Modules
  • Standard Modules – sys
  • Standard Modules – math
  • Standard Modules – time
  • The dir Function
  • Errors
  • Run Time Errors
  • The Exception Model
  • Exception Hierarchy
  • Handling Multiple Exceptions raise
  • assert
  • Writing Your Own Exception Classes
  • Metadata
  • The pickle Module
  • Classes in Python
  • Principles of Object Orientation
  • Creating Classes
  • Instance Methods
  • File Organization
  • Special Methods
  • Class Variables
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Type Identification
  • Custom Exception Classes
  • Tk GUI toolkit
  • Creating Components Button, Canvas, Checkbutton, Label, Listbox, Message ,Text etc
  • Creating Container Frame
  • Creating databases with SQLite3
  • Creating, retrieving, updating and deleting records
  • Creating a database object

Participant Profile

This course is valuable for programmers and software engineers who are interested in learning to develop Object oriented applications.

Difficulty Level


Applicable Job Roles

A lot of professionals including Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Research Analysts, Software Developers and data analysts have benefited from python courses.


No prior knowledge about C/C++ is required, but people are expected to have some basic knowledge about computers, some knowledge about one or two other programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Python or Java etc is preferred.


2.5 Months


2 Days a Week


The trainer is an IT professional working in IT- based Organization in Karachi, Pakistan.