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nteGREATis flagship product of eDevTech. Business Analysts can Elicit, Validate, Document and Manage requirements with inteGREAT. Also create high fidelity simulations to replicate the end user experience, build Decision Model logic, create custom data extracts for reporting, and develop function point estimates based on Cocomo II. Also it can integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Team Foundation Server & HP Application Life Cycle Management(former Mercury Test Director).


AWRI is a flagship application addressing the immigration domain market. The application provides a web interface for the immigration back office with an optional back office approval system. FAWRI application addresses the following business areas of the immigration business: entry permit section, residence section, establishment section, passport section, ports and control and investigation.

Test Studio

est Studio It is a plugin that will extract Test Case Scenarios, Test Cases and Use Cases from the iBok (inteGREAT Model) and generate their html preview on the fly.

EIMS (Enterprise Instant Messaging System)

suite of applications for audio/video conferencing. It includes application for narrowband and broadband. These all have been developed using .Net(C#).

SIA(Stock Investment Analyzer) 

t is a web based system that will help any potential investor to analyze thoroughly whether their investment is safe or risky. It used Financial Ratio Analysis as a methodology to analyze the firm potential.


ersonal Aid management system is the application for sending updates to the subscribers subscribed by means of web/wap according to their subscription choices. They can receive alerts either on their handsets via sms or by email.


 multi messenger having support for chatting with MSN, AOL, and Gmail. End user should have DidU id for login into the DidUMessenge

Euro Management System for a leather company

orked on this project for Euro Leather Pvt. Ltd. It is a web based project that maintains the records of their Employees, Customers, Products and manages orders and their invoices. ASP.net is used as a front end and SQL Server 2000 is used as a DBMS.

Intelligent Investment Management System (IIMS)

his system was developed to assist the individuals who are passionate to invest their unused money and are willing to analyze profit on their investment. The major functions of the system include the following types of analysis:  Company analysis, Sector analysis, Ratio analysis and Investment profile analysis. ASP.net is used as a front end and SQL Server 2008 is used as a DBMS.

Computer DEALS4u

omputer DEALS4u is a website (Asp.Net) and Android application solution designed to get the best deals of computer accessories from multiple compute dealers’ websites. The high ranking deal will be on top of the site. Ranking will be based according to price of product i.e cheapest deal on the top. This project facilitates the users who want the best deals of computer accessories so that they can save their time.

IT Inventory Control System for Hotel (ITICS)

Inventory Control System for Hotel (ITICS) is an ‘IT inventory System’ which will keep track of all the basic resources required in a hotel. There are different modules for managing different sectors of a hotel. This project is specific for dining domain of restaurants, but is flexible enough to be applied to many different kitchens and restaurants.  C#.net is used as a front end and SQL Server 2012 is used as a DBMS.

Pharma Manager

harma Manager is ‘Pharmacy Management System’ to keep track the information of stock, inventory, orders, suppliers, customers and doctor. System has also facilitated the expiry alerts generation for the ease of use of doctor, a customer and pharmacist. The project comprises of different modules like authentication, purchases, request order transaction, sales transaction, registration for new user, customer, doctor and supplier and report generation. C#.net is used as a front end(4.5 Dot net Framework) and SQL Server 2012 is used as a DBMS.

Ride Share Application

ide share application is an android based application for carpooling and ride sharing aimed at enabling travelers/commuters to find matches for the route/course/destinations and share the means of transport. 
An android based application to enable customers using their smart phones to look for people having the same destination and communicate with them to share a ride thereby not only reducing the traveling time but sharing the cost of the trip. The passengers will be charged according to the extent of route traveled. The verification of the passengers managed by the CNIC and cell number, along with a photograph.

Online Food Order and Tracking System (OFOTS)

nline Food Order and Tracking System (OFOTS) is web/android application for restaurant food ordering and tracking system. This system provides service facility to restaurant and also to the customer. The services that are provided is online food ordering, order tracking (tracking delivery boy via Google Maps) and table reservation management by the customer through the system, customer information management and waiter information management, menu information management. Main objective to build this system is to provide online food ordering, table reservation, Real time location tracking (GPS to know where to deliver the order MAP to be integrated) and Wallet concept will be integrated to make payments for orders when the customer is out of cash the customer. With this system, order reservation and tracking will become easier and systematic to replace traditional system.

Energy-Friendly Industrial Resource Management System


nergy-Friendly Industrial Resource Management System is an IOT based application for for industrial automation. The main objective of Energy-Friendly Industrial Resource Management System is to help handicapped , old aged peoples and industrialist  to control industry appliances and receive alert  in critical situations.

This project is based on Android ADK.The design is based on a Standalone embedded system board Android ADK (Accessory Development Kit) at home. Home appliances are connected to the ADK and communication is established between the ADK and Android Mobile device or Tablet. The  appliances are connected to the input/output ports of the embedded system board and their status is passed to the ADK.

Health Monitoring System


ealth Monitoring System was designed for hospitals/ Doctors  who are at remote location to check their   patient’s vital parameters such as heart rate, SpO2, pulse rate, ECG, Bedsore and temperature. The vital parameter are stored  and are uploaded into a web based server manually / automatically. Also the entire details of the patient suffering from various chronic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s etc can be sent to a doctor sitting abroad in order to analyze and recommend the type of treatment and medicines for the diagnosis of the disease.

Emergency Room Monitoring System


mergency Room Monitoring System is an application which allow paramedics/individual persons to search the hospitals in the vicinity and check the available capacity of Emergency Room in case of emergency. This project is based on IOT and android which are link with each other through Web Server/Cloud via internet.

Drinking Water Distribution and Tracking System


rinking Water Distribution and Tracking System 
is an application that is used to plan, schedule and control the routine activities of a bottled water distributing organization. This Web & Android based application will cover key aspects of dealing with prospects and existing customers and try to make some fresh customers, that will help companies to build close relationships with their customers and contact them easily. 

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