Microsoft Office 2013

MS Office Course

One of the most eminent and widely used tool boxes in MS Office 2013 is Microsoft Word. Although you may think that as a word processor, it is used for writing and formatting text, but it’s not restricted to just that. Latest tools help you add pictures, charts, graphs and videos to the Word 2013 document. While it has traditionally been used to print paper documents, it can also create web pages, email, blogs, and different types of content meant for online use. Certain functionalities also allow you to share documents with other users and lets multiple users work simultaneously on one document. As part of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite, MS Word helps you to quickly create, author, edit, format and publish documents efficiently for enterprise and personal use.

Want to learn MS Word, make powerpoint presentations & master Excel? 

The course has been designed with two objectives in mind:

  • To make you, students/ graduates/ everyone, computer-literate
  • To equip you with data processing & office automation skills; a must in today’s computerised world

Course Objectives

MS Word 2013 Training program acquaints users with this sophisticated word processing application software and its following features:

  • Creation and management of documents
  • Formatting text, sections and paragraphs
  • Creation of lists and tables
  • Adding references
  • Inserting and formatting objects
  • Learn to use word processing features, perform calculations & develop powerful presentations using MS Office
  • Certified trainers
  • Structured learning
  • Additional Practice sessions

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Microsoft Office Course Outline

  •  Working in the word Environment
  •  Selecting
  •  Commands and shortcuts 
  • Templates • Creating content
  • Formatting
  • Printing
  •  Copy
  • paste and paste special •
  • Lists & styles
  • Format Techniques
  • Creating and Managing Tables
  •  Tabs
  •  Saving & sending document
  • Thesaurus
  • Find & replace
  • Using graphics
  • Text flow
  • Section & columns
  • Headers & footers
  • Letters envelops & labels
  • Mail merge

  • • Building a presentation
  • Working with objects
  •  Multiple objects
  •  Auto shapes
  • Text boxes
  •  Pictures
  • Slides Master
  •  Word Art
  • Tables and Graphs
  • Organizational Chart
  • Advanced customization
  • Finalizing presentations
  •  Integrating with other programs
  • Delivering presentations 

  •  The Excel Environment
  • Entering values
  • Managing workbooks
  •  Formatting cell
  • Summarizing numbers
  • Creating charts
  • Printing
  •  Customizing Excel
  • Managing References
  • Named Ranges
  •  Basic functions
  •  Look up functions
  • Financial function
  • Enhanced formatting
  • Dynamic formatting
  •  Graphical objects
  • Managing workbooks
  •  Using Templates
  • Working with list
  • Excel and the Internet
  • Creating Macros
  • Working with Macros

Participant Profile

Anyone who wishes to pick up basic computer skills

Difficulty Level


Applicable Job Roles

Web programmers, and Desktop application developers, Mobile developer.


Basic knowledge of computer


2 Months


2 Days a Week


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)