Android Development Course

Android Development Course

Mobile application development is a skill that pays at a premium rate and has created over 466,000 jobs, but luckily for you, there is an educational gap between the demand for these jobs and available developers’ skills.

This course introduces mobile application development for the Android Platform.Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware, and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Students will learn skills for creating and deploying Android applications, with particular emphasis on software engineering topics including software architecture, software process, usability, and deployment.

Android relies heavily on these Java fundamentals. The Android SDK includes many standard Java libraries (data structure libraries, math libraries, graphics libraries, networking libraries and everything else you could want) as well as special Android libraries that will help you develop awesome Android applications.

What skills will the student gain?

  • Ready your Machine for Android Development
  • Create GUI Applications in Android
  • Store & Retrieve Data
  • Use different Google APIs for Android & Publish your Apps to Google Market Place



Android Course Contents

  • What is Mobile Application development
  • Types of mobile applications
  • What is Android, Android SDK 
  • Android API
  • Platforms for android development
  • Familiarization with Android Studio
  • Emulators 
  • Deployment of Hello World Application
  • Wire framing an android application
  • Delecting respective theme
  • Design and development of layouts
  • Drawable resources 
  • Desigings of resource assets
  • Development of designed Wireframes as per selected theme
  • Testing of Multi screen compatibility of designed Uis 
  • Android Tabs
  • Multiline Listviews
  • GridViews
  • Splash Screens
  • customize styles
  • performance optimization and data syncing 
  • Call
  • Sms
  • alert dialogues
  • Toast
  • snack bars
  • dynamic option dialogues (custom spinners as dialogue)
  • date and time picker
  • Integrating mathematic operations 
  • Development of a scientific calculator with mathematical equations/formulas) 
  • Media Resources (Image)
  • Development of an application with ability to load picture from gallery or take real-time pictures from camera and store it in memory
  • Handling Videos (from link / from memory )
  • Development of a an application with ability to load vide from storage or stream online videos
  • Development / integration of SharedPreference and Sqlite database
  • Overview of Services and REST API 
  • Overview on firebase features, deployment of firebase into your project
  • User Authentication , Real time db (json based) , firestore (query based)
  • Google Maps configuration
  • Google Map Direction , Route and Place API integrations

Participant Profile:

This course is valuable for programmers and software engineers who are interested in learning to develop mobile application

Difficulty Level:


Applicable Job Roles:

Web programmers, and Desktop application developers, Mobile developer.


Prior experience with Java or Java training (see  core and advance  Java Programming)
Knowledge in XML format


The trainer is an IT professional working in IT- based Organization in Karachi, Pakistan.

Course Duration and Fee:

 3 Months


2 Days a Week